Monday, March 2, 2015

Leaky Basement

Q: I bought a handyman's special to flip for less than $65,000. An old huge oil tank in the basement is leaking like a sieve. What are the requirements for disposal of this tank, cleaning up the entire basement, and installing a new tank? Is it a job I can DEAR GARY: Leaky Basement walls are common, usually due to faulty ground drainage and inadequate waterproofing of the foundation walls. Unfortunately, correction can be costly and intrusive because the excavation of the exterior is necessary to waterproof If your basement sprung a leak during recent intense rainfalls, you’re not alone. 1 Digital subscription $1.00 for 7 days$4.20 for 30 days$40.95 for 365 days Get full online access to without a print subscription. Print subscribers can COLUMBIA – If your basement sprung a leak during recent intense rainfalls, you’re not alone. Two years of drought followed by heavy autumn rainfalls created the perfect storm for leaky and flooded basements, said University of Missouri Extension state It's like a fresh spring look, just in time for the potholes, tulips and Leaky Basements we all know are on their way. The NDP Thanks to the impending thaw, the prairie lily will soon pop up in fields across the province - and on Opposition media releases Q. We bought our home about a year ago, and no one disclosed the water seepage in the basement. The concrete walls were freshly painted when we were in escrow, but now the paint has bubbled, and there appears to be some kind of white, powdery mold. .

The Filene’s Basement name will likely go the way of Tweeter, Bradlees, Ames and other defunct New England retailers — into oblivion — while other assets are liquidated in the dying chain’s bankruptcy proceedings. A fierce bidding war erupted for He's crushed the Celtics the Bulls and now NBA legend Pat Riley is accused of destroying his neighbor's basement this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ. According to the docs, Riley and his wife Christine own a beachfront property in It was a very weird summer on the Great American Desert. It rained. In fact, until about mid-July, it rained about twice a week, and people who hadn’t had water problems since they thought they’d cured them back in the mid ’90s suddenly learned they If walking down to the basement leads you to a wading pool of water, you have a leak that needs fixing before more damage is done. Preventing these leaks is the best way to fight moisture in the basement. Some methods are as cheap as buying dirt and can .

Amazing Basement Drain Systems 960 x 720 · 84 kB · jpeg
Amazing Basement Drain Systems

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Remarkable Cinder Block Basement Walls

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Great Sump Pump Well

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Outstanding Basement Water

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Top Waterproofing Basement Walls

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Impressive Basement Window Wells

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Perfect Basement Window Wells

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Magnificent Finished Basements

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Fabulous Basement Walls

Stunning Basement Leaking Chicago | Fix Wet Basement Before Finishin  698 x 480 · 45 kB · jpeg
Stunning Basement Leaking Chicago | Fix Wet Basement Before Finishin

Incredible Basement Water Pump 640 x 512 · 187 kB · jpeg
Incredible Basement Water Pump

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Excellent House Foundation Problems

Very Best Wet Basement 750 x 563 · 119 kB · jpeg
Very Best Wet Basement

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Brilliant Basement Floor Drains

Wonderful Basement Drainage Systems 513 x 480 · 36 kB · jpeg
Wonderful Basement Drainage Systems

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  1. Well, I loved the depth of detail in this post. Fortunately for me, on the first two investment properties I've bought, I didn't find any rusty surprises in the basement. Thanks to your post, I'll have a great idea of what to do if my next purchase does have one.

    Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions